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Safe Meetings @MOTORWERK

Motorwerk Halle
Motorwerk Eingangsbereich
Motorwerk Außenbereich Kopfbau

Motorwerk Berlin offers due to its location and dimensions ideal conditions for events  at compliance with all necessary hygiene precautions

The heart of the hygiene measures is the newly installed ventilation system, which uses eight highly professional CO2 sensors about a CO2 traffic light constantly the quality of the indoor air monitored and fully automated reacts to an increase in CO2. The eight associated axial fans and the four correspondingly dimensioned ceiling fans of the latest design are controlled in such a way that the entire room air is exchanged within a very short time of over 16,000 cubic meters in a filter-free process. A harmful concentration of viruses in the air or a disease transmission via aerosols can thus be avoided.

Further highlights of the hygiene measures at Motorwerk:

  • The event hall can be over 18 external doors at the same time entered (corresponds to the escape route width for 2,800 people). As a result, there are no bottlenecks before or during the event where the safety distance could be undercut, as a maximum of 20 people share a door.

  • Motorwerk includes a spacious, closed outdoor area, on which, among other things accreditation decentralized can be organized. In this way, it is possible to equalize the flow of visitors, who can be channeled, for example, via alphabetical access controls.

  • Catering can also be organized outdoor or in bad weather in the decentrally accessible event hall.

  • The sanitary installations are sized for 1,500 visitors and therefore for smaller groups available in large numbers.

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